The Author

I am Asa Mimir, the author of the New Blocks Gallery. I am a Computer Science undergrad at the University of North Texas.

I created the first Blocks Gallery in 2021 as a gift for a specific person. Unfortunately, they would ultimately never see it.

Instead, this project became a gift to all my friends, and anyone with a similar passion for pixel art.

Why 8x8?

In my opinion, 8x8 offers an interesting challenge, and encourages people who don't consider themselves artists to make art.

8x8 is simultaneously difficult and easy. It doesn't require much skill to fill in 64 pixels in a grid, but it also means that you have much less capacity for detail.

8x8 may seem overly restrictive to some, and appear to limit variety.

Maybe so, but with an 8x8 grid and a standard RGB colorspace, there exists 256364 (approx. 2.4 tresquinquagintacentillion) possible images, which is unlikely to be exhausted anytime soon. :)